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# ESM-Tools example runscripts
## Purpose
In this folder you find different example runscripts for different models, coupled systems, and different machines.
These examples are only minimal examples and may by not sufficient for your planned experiment. Some of the runscripts may not be working due to paths that need to be adjusted according to your experiment. If so, the neccessary adjustments are indicated by placeholders, e.g. `<path-to-experiment-results>`, `<path-to-pool-dir>`.
Please have a look at the example before you use it, and check all variables and paths, especially the path to the esm-runscript functions, to make sure you take the ones you installed or poosibly adapted to your needs.
## Usage
1. Choose a runscript for the chosen model and machine, if available.
2. Copy this example runscript to a place of your choice, e.g. have your experiments are located.
3. Make the neccessary changes in this copied runscript.
4. Execute the runscript to start your experiment.
**Note: Please, do not change any of the runscripts in this folder, unless you want to check these changes to the repository.** If you make changes here, please be aware, that you will check this in to the main repository, and that others will try to use it and may run into not working examples. This is especially true for changes, that are specialized to your experiment, like path to your esm-runscript copy, path to experiment output, and paths to pool data, meshes, and forcing data. These paths may not be accessible by everyone.
If you change the example runscripts to run your experiment from this folder, be aware, that you will also experience problems when you want to update your version of the esm-runscripts. This then may leed to conflicts.
*Therefore, we are urgently recommend to **NOT** make any changes to the example runscripts here.*
## Bug-Report
If you encounter any bugs in one of the examples, please let inform know, or open up an issue in the GitLab issue tracker.
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