Commit c468c2ce authored by chrisdane's avatar chrisdane

corrected path name?

parent 7e28f1b8
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ jsbach_modify_forcing() {
echo -e "\t\t jsbach: selecting year $yr from ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/"
cdo selyear,${yr} ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/ ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/foo${yr}.nc >> $dumpfile 2>&1
mv ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/foo${yr}.nc ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/Ndepo.${yr}.nc >> $dumpfile
add_to ${FORCING_DIR}/Ndepo.${yr}.nc Ndepo.${yr}.nc
add_to ${FORCING_DIR_jsbach}/Ndepo.${yr}.nc Ndepo.${yr}.nc
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