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For #2: some documentation regarding the command line interface

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This will print usage information. This will print usage information.
Any ``scope`` commands you normally would run in a batch job can also be
individually targeted via command line arguments. In principle, the command
structure is always the same, namely::
$ scope <command> ${CONFIG} ${WHOS_TURN}
This allows you to run one specific part of ``scope`` for a particular
configuration assuming a particular model is currently doing something. As an
example, this could take the form of::
$ scope preprocess ~/Code/scope/examples/scope_config.yaml echam
This would cause ``scope`` to run the prepare steps described for ``echam``; in
this particular case gathering output files, extracting variables, and placing
the resulting file into the couple folder described in the configuration file.
Note that also and pre- and post-processing hooks defined in the configuration
file will also be run at this point.
All available commands are printed via ``scope --help``.
Currently, the following commands are implemented:
* ``preprocess``
* ``regrid``
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