Tagging version 5.1

Main new features of SICOPOLIS v5.1

  • Support for the ISMIP6-Antarctica and ISMIP6-Greenland projection experiments (tinyurl.com/ismip6-wiki-ais, tinyurl.com/ismip6-wiki-gris).
  • EPSG:3413 grid (polar stereographic, 70°N/45°W) and BedMachine Greenland v3 topography implemented for Greenland.
  • Shallow-shelf (SSA) / shelfy-stream (SStA) solvers:
    • Proper dynamic boundary condition for SStA at marine-terminating grounded ice fronts.
    • One-sided surface gradients at the grounding line.
    • Convergence control.
  • Regionally different values for the basal sliding coefficient possible.
  • New GHF maps for both Antarctica and Greenland.
  • Ocean connectivity enforced (avoids formation of 'ocean islands').

A great thanks to all fellow developers who contributed to these features!

On the SICOPOLIS website http://www.sicopolis.net/ you will find further information, downloading instructions and documentation. Please note also the mailing list (under "Support"; the archive is also open to non-subscribers).