Tagging version 5.2.

Main new features of SICOPOLIS v5.2

  • Version control switched from Subversion to Git (repository hosted on AWI's GitLab installation - thanks).
  • Two different options for hybrid shallow-ice (SIA)/shelfy-stream (SStA) dynamics available, plus pure SStA dynamics (thanks to Jorge Bernales).
  • A separate flow enhancement factor for SStA can be chosen (previously, only one common value for SIA and SStA was possible).
  • In addition to ice-sheet-wide output of scalar variables (ice volume, area, global mass balance components etc.), these variables can also be written for specified regions (e.g., EAIS, WAIS, Peninsula for Antarctica).

For more details, see the commit logs for the branch 'develop'. A great thanks to all fellow developers who contributed to these features!

On the SICOPOLIS website http://www.sicopolis.net/ you will find further information, downloading instructions and documentation. Please note also the mailing list (under "Support"; the archive is also open to non-subscribers).