Tagging version 5.3.

Main new features of SICOPOLIS v5.3

  • NetCDF is now the only output option for the time-slice files.
  • Optionally, NetCDF output can be written in compressed NetCDF-4 format.
  • Input files for SICOPOLIS now hosted on Zenodo.
  • Spatially varying sea level implemented.
  • BedMachine V4 topography for Greenland added.
  • More flexible EISMINT domain implemented, can also be used for testing other simple geometries.

For more details, see the commit logs for the branch 'develop'. A great thanks to all fellow developers who contributed to these features!

On the SICOPOLIS website http://www.sicopolis.net/ you will find further information, downloading instructions and documentation. Please note also the mailing list (under "Support"; the archive is also open to non-subscribers).