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Update awiesm and esm tools v6

Paul Gierz requested to merge update_awiesm_and_esm_tools_v6 into master

Update for MIS3 on Ollie with newest AWI-ESM 2.1 WISO and PISM GitHub 1.2.1

Change summary

This merge request adds the following changes to the MIS 3 project:

  • Changes esm-tools to version 6.0.5
  • Adds uncompiled versions of awiesm-2.1-wiso and pism-github1.2.1

Open Questions

Still to be clarified by @fmatos and @gknorr:

  • Do you need wiso branch for FESOM, or wiso-pico? If wiso-pico, I guess you want both wiso and pico turned off?
  • Are the included boundary conditions and meshes up to date?

How to update to this version:

  1. Make sure you have direnv installed On Ollie: Run module load direnv and ensure it is configured for your shell

Step 2 is taken care of automatically!

2. Make sure you have miniconda set up

  1. OPTIONAL In the miniconda base environment, install mamba (this is a drop-in replacement for the conda command, but much faster, you can then substitute and following conda commands with mamba instead)
  2. Clone this version:
$ git clone —-recurse-submodules -b update_awiesm_and_esm_tools_v6
  1. Go to the folder:
$ cd mis3
  1. Allow direnv to modify your shell environment whenever you go to this folder:
$ direnv allow
  1. Set up conda end
$ conda env create -f environment.yml
  1. Leave and come back to make sure direnv activates the environment
$ cd ..
$ cd mis3
  1. And finally, compile the models
$ cd model_codes
$ esm_master comp-awiesm-2.1-wiso
$ esm_master comp-pism-github1.2.1
Edited by Paul Gierz

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