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bump: version 0.0.1 → 0.1.0

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## 0.1.0 (2021-02-03)
### Feat
- remaining parts for the test run
- env variables from parser, first attempt at a working run
- **software**: add the esm_pism project
- **software**: include the esm_parser
- include a minimal example with dummy models for pism and awi_cm (by Enrico Degregori)
- **software**: add esm-tools submodules for main tools and runscripts
- Initial commit
### Fix
- switch the test run script to use Paul's user and PalMod computing account
- remove the compiled awicm and pism dummy binaries from the minimal example
- **gitignore**: include more complete gitignore settings for FORTRAN, C, and Python
fesom-2.0 @ 036443c8
Subproject commit 06449d07d90c7647f8e1100cf86534249b3f98fe
Subproject commit 036443c8be8451941c56d5d55b9462f264e5aed3
Subproject commit 5e1debde2dcc69dfb966e8dec7a58963f1967caf
Subproject commit 625a79575e2c4eca561730aae2a242b6ed354d12
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