feat(utils): Adds script to create target orography file with suitable runscript

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Adds utility script which is able to generate the target_orography_echam6.nc and an adjusted unit.24 initial file for runs which have varying orography.


Assuming you have used the boundary condition creator, this script is able to create a run for you to handle the first bootstrapping. It does the following:

  1. Creates a modified unit.24 input file which includes all the fields from the desired timeslice, except for orography values, which are fixed to Pre-Industrial.
  2. Creates a target_orography_echam6.nc file, which contains the fields in their intended form to iterate towards.
  3. Creates a mini-runscript for you to use.

The following is needed:

  1. An account on MISTRAL (this may be modified for Ollie as well at a later day)
  2. A set of boundary conditions to work towards, with echam, jsbach, and fesom subdirectories.

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