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feat(utils): Adds script to create target orography file with suitable runscript

Paul Gierz requested to merge bootstrap_orog into master


Adds utility script which is able to generate the and an adjusted unit.24 initial file for runs which have varying orography.


Assuming you have used the boundary condition creator, this script is able to create a run for you to handle the first bootstrapping. It does the following:

  1. Creates a modified unit.24 input file which includes all the fields from the desired timeslice, except for orography values, which are fixed to Pre-Industrial.
  2. Creates a file, which contains the fields in their intended form to iterate towards.
  3. Creates a mini-runscript for you to use.

The following is needed:

  1. An account on MISTRAL (this may be modified for Ollie as well at a later day)
  2. A set of boundary conditions to work towards, with echam, jsbach, and fesom subdirectories.

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